Granite Cutting

Sustainability and ethical sourcing

Granite is and will remain the mainstay and number one choice for long term sustainability in both cemeteries and crematoria across the UK.  In terms of sustainability, Granite is of course extremely low maintenance and unlike many other natural stones, including York, slate and Portland, granite will not discolour over time or easily mark or stain or therefore require costly replacement both environmentally and financially.  Granite is widely installed within this industry as the products produced need to remain in place as dedicated memorials of remembrance to loved ones for many decades to come and therefore in the long term makes it financially and ethically an ideal source or product and choice.

At Burlingham Memorial Solutions we use two of the leading suppliers from China and India into the UK and we remain committed to suppliers where granite is responsibly sourced and produced and standards are met and adhered to.

We have been advised and reassured by both our two main international suppliers that regular inspections are carried out.